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Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1115
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Camshaft / Jackshaft Bearing - Set

1500/1600/2000 Seamless Cam/Jack Shaft Bearings

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1146
Datsun Roadster 1500, 1600 , 2000 Ring Sets

Piston Rings 1500 (G), 1600 (R) & 2000 (U)

More brands to choose at Datsun Parts. Remember: you choose, not us! More choice now! ALL ring sets: Price is for one set which does the complete motor.

The numbers underneath the manufacturer heading are for that manufacturers ring. The last three digits in the part number are for the size. Pricing is different for each manufacturer and appears next to the manufacturers name. Order the correct ring for your vehicle by using the highlighted Blue numbers.

HASTINGS G Series - $53.00 - (Special Order)


R series 1600 ring sets: The second ring on the 1600 is a 2.4 mm ring.

DEVES R Series - $47.00


PERFECT CIRCLE R Series - $105.00




SEALED POWER R Series - $105.00


HASTINGS R Series - $47.00


U Series 2000 ring set: The second ring on the 2000 is a 2.0 mm ring.

DEVES U Series - $47.00


HASTINGS U Series - $57.00

Other sizes "special order" non returnable


Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1156
Datsun Roadster 2000 Rod Bolt - Set of 8

U20 High Performance Connecting Rod Bolts with Nuts. U.S. made. Manufacturer note: Material 8740 chrome moly. Tensile strength 190,000 to 200,000 PSI.General fastener torque spec. 80 FT LBS Ultra torque lube. Be sure to add on Ultra torque lube Part# 2464 when purchasing this kit.

NOTE: Use of new connecting rod bolts ALWAYS requires re-sizing of the big end of the connecting rod.
From time to time bolts may be substituted as well as nuts. They work the same and have the same holding power
$91.00 SE

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1157
Datsun Roadster 2000 Flywheel Bolts - Set of 12

U20 High grade flywheel bolts. Tensile strength 176,000 PSI

New in stock.U.S.made.

Torque to 58 Ft Lbs.

$34.00 SET

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1189
Datsun Roadster 1600 Mild Dome Pistons SETS w/Rings

R16 Dome Pistons

These piston sets can also be used on U20 Motors. Limited Supply. You blow off the dust. Complete with pins, rings, and tru-arc "flat style" cir-clips. The original piston sets came with the older style round "wire type" which are less preferable. Pins are pre-fitted.

NOTE:Piston to wall clearance: .0015 to .003 measured from the highest point of the taper on the piston skirt.


Std. - Order by PART# #1189A$650.00

.020 - Order by PART#1189B$780.00

.040 - Order by PART##1189D$800.00

.060 - Order by PART# 1189E$780.00


Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1190
Datsun Roadster 2000 Head Stud & Nut Kit Set of 10

U20 High Performance Block Stud & Nut 10 piece kit. Far superior to original head bolt method of fastening the head to the block. No needless re-torquing of the head required. NOTE: Re-use your old washer set as this kit does not come with washers.

Rated at a tensile strength 190,000 to 200,000 PSI. Material 8740 Chrome moly. U.S. made. These studs have a hex in the end to allow the user to run the studs down into the block. 12 point flat bottom nuts included.
These studs eliminate problems associated from head bolt use. Common problems include bolt breakage, block and thread damage, less clamping force and bolt stretch, constant re-torquing of cylinder head, rear oil gallery leakage. Keep that head from moving around. General fastener torque spec. 80 Ft Lbs Ultra torque lube. Be sure to add on Ultra torque lube Part# 2464 when purchasing this kit.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please be sure to clean out the block holes. These are studs are a free floating fastener so it is not necessary to Lock Tite or bottom them out and torque the studs into the block. However, it is important to have as much threaded engagement in the block as possible. The stud should not pass through the nut. Doing so will lessen the threaded engagement of the stud in the block. 3 rounds, crossing pattern on the head up to 80 ft lbs.

SPECIAL NOTE: Original U20 head bolts were un-heat treated and have a tendency to stretch and or break off in the block. Early head bolt head diameter measures .622. Later, better quality, replacements that are currently available are $240.00 for the complete set and they measure .702. If you have the early head bolts we strongly recommend replacement with our stud kit.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of the head bolts on the passenger side of the block are the same length. It is not necessary to be concerned about the stud length where the, cylinder head, locating dowels are placed. We have found that there is enough, threaded engagement in the block, to allow a proper torque.

NOTE:Please also look at PART#'s 1152 & 2551, for important information, to determine if you need thicker lash pads if you are using a re-ground cam or thicker cam tower shims.


Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1270
Datsun Roadster 1600 or 2000 - 5 MAIN Bottom End Block Stud Kit

High tensile strength R16 or U20 Bearing main cap stud kit

Metric blocks only. Kit consists of 10 studs, 10 washers and 10 nuts. Manufacturers note: Material - 8740 Chrome moly. US made. Tensile strength 190,000 to 200,000 PSI.


Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1318
Datusn Roadster 2000 Flat Top Piston Sets - Aftermarket US MADE & Nissan ART JAPAN

2nd PHOTO: U20 Nissan Flat Top Piston Sets

Pictured is the complete goody bag when you buy a Piston set from us. We have priced it complete with everything. No added or hidden charges. Sealed in Factory packages you get the pistons, pins, Hastings rings and the cir clips for the pins. We opened a .040 set for the photo. Also available in .020.

.020 set Order by PART#1318NA $920.00

.040 set Order by PART#1318NB $920.00

1ST PHOTO:U.S. made Flat top piston sets

NOTE:Piston to wall clearance: .0015 to .003

Sizes available in U.S. made pistons:

STD Order by PART#1318USASTD - $550.00

.020 set Order by PART#1318USB- $690.00

.030 set Order by PART#1318USC - $720.00

.040 set Order by PART#1318USD - $740.00

.060 set Order by PART#1318USE - $740.00

All U.S. made sets come with Deves or Hastings rings in the default pricing above. You have the option choosing, Sealed Power and Perfect Circle rings where available. Add $70.00 to the price for these rings. NOTE for US piston sets:Piston to wall clearance: .0015 to .003 measured from the highest point of the taper on the piston skirt.

SPECIAL NOTE: ALL Nissan and Aftermarket piston sets come with piston pins, cir clips and rings.


Gasket Engine
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1325
Datsun Roadster 2000 SUPER DELUXE Engine Gasket - Sets

67 1/2, 68 - 70 Supplemented Deluxe Full U20 Engine Gasket Sets

The most complete, highest quality sets in the industry. We include gaskets and parts even the factory left out.

These Deluxe gasket sets are hand built with genuine Nissan parts or superior custom made gaskets where applicable. We have tooled and remade a number of the gaskets in the photo and created them in heat resistant nitrile rubber or newer composite material. Thicker than original many of these gaskets qualify as re-usable.

Head gasket has a rear oil gallery and front sealing material often not present on other gaskets. A Brass freeze plug set is included in both sets as well.

Sets are specifically built to SU or SOLEX Versions. So choose from the part numbers below to suit your engine

List of gaskets:
Parts break down of all the gaskets included in both kits. Click the thumbnail of each photo to see which gaskets come with each kit: .093 metal sheath composite Int/Ext, 6 - block freeze plugs, 1-Jack shaft plug, 4 - .062 SU carb insulator block, 2 - Nitrile re-usable SU Carb to air filter, 4 - Solex inner carb insulator, 4 - Solex outer carb insulator, .125 Nitrile/cork oil pan, inner water pump, fuel pump phenolic with gaskets attached, outer water pump, distributor o-ring, distributor housing, oil pump, 3 hole header collector, 2- Solex Carb to Air filter, inspection cover, oil filter housing, 2 - thermostat housing with metal ground strap, 2- timing cover, front timing cover seal, up tensioner, upper tensioner inner (NOT SHOWN), oil pan nut washer, rocker cover hose fitting, head gasket, valve cover gasket, 8 - valve stem seals, 2 - Solex water tube, radiator cap, nitrile oil filler cap,2 - valve cover grommets - no longer included, 2 - lower tensioner, 2 - side bearing cap seals, 2 - premium rope seals. Solex Carb insulators as well as Su phenolic block gaskets.

Deluxe w/reusable gaskets for SU $440.51 Order by PART# 1325SU

Deluxe kit w/reusable gaskets for Solex $544.51 Order by PART# 1325SOL

To substitute the thicker U20 head gasket in either of the above kits ORDER by PART#

1325TSU $564.51

1325TSOL $638.51

Interested in only the Nissan versions of these kits? Click here for Su 2000 Nissan Gasket set and click here for SU/Solex 2000 combined Nissan Gasket set.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1401
Datsun Roadster U20 Oil Pump

After market replica U20 oil pump. Same company makes after market oil pumps for Toyota, Nissan & Honda. This reputable company sells tens of thousands of pumps each year that are distributed all over the planet. They have a TS16949 designation; International quality certification and use CMM technology, Taiwan not Chinese, based company.

Almost 2/3 thirds less in price then pumps being offered on the net.

2nd PHOTO: Two pumps shown for comparison. Aftermarket on the left, Nissan original on the right. You can hardly tell the difference inside and out. Absolutely amazing quality! NOTE: 1600 and R20 owners can use this pump instead of the forklift or original Nissan 1600 pump. The manufacturer has provided a laboratory test report, included with the pump, comparing flow, pressure etc. between a New Nissan pump and the Aftermarket pump. Again amazing how close the numbers are! There is also a test report comparing both pumps when installed in a 2000 roadster. This part is NOT made in China. Intro offer pricing. Don't be left out! This price will go up! Limited supply 101 pieces.
In vehicles all over the world for over 5 years. Over 50,000 miles on some cars!
NOTE:Cheaper in Kits.

In celebration of our 29TH Year in business. When rebuilding your engine: BUY all your 1600 & 2000 engine parts from us, ALL bearings, pistons & rings, full gasket kit, camshaft, timing parts, valves & guides, clutch kit in one shot. Receive a brand new U20 Oil pump free of charge with your order!


Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1472
Datsun Roadster Clutch Pilot Bearing

1600 or 2000 pilot bearing.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1495
Datsun Roadster 2000 U20 Oil Pump - Nissan

U20 oil pump is a more higher volume pump than the 1600 oil pump. Very hard to find. Comes in a sealed Nissan box Part# 15010-25501. This is the genuine article sealed and pristine in the original packaging.

Engine 2000
Engine external
Partnumber: 1503
Datsun Roadster 1600 & 2000 Oil Filter

65 - 70 Spin on oil filter.

Engine external
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1504
Datsun Roadster 68 - 70 Oil Gauge Hose

68 - 70 oil pressure gauge hose. Check out the stainless flex hose alternative that is more affordable. Click here, to view this part.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1613
Datsun Roadster 2000 Piston Snap Rings

Nissan piston pin clip for U20 flat top pistons made for Nissan by ART of Japan. Included with Nissan piston sets. Always good to replace during a rebuild. See Part number 1318 for piston sets.

For US MADE 1600 & 2000 pistons Order PART# 1613US $2.50 EA. The two listed parts are not interchangeable with each style pistons. Be sure to verify your brand of pistons prior to ordering.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1614
Datsun Roadster Piston Pin Bushing

Piston pin bushing kit. When buying our pistons with new pins be sure to pick up a new set of bushings. 4 REQUIRED.
$4.90 EA

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1615
Datsun Roadster 1600/2000 & Fairlady OEM Engine Rod Bearing - Sets

OEM Nissan rod bearing set. Sizes available:

Std Order by PART NUMBER 1615A

.25mm / .010 Order by PART # 1615B

.50mm /.020 Order by PART # 1615C

.75mm /.030 $110.00 Order by PART # 1615D

1.00mm / .040 Order by PART # 1615E

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1617
Datsun Roadster 671/2 - 70 1600 & 671/2 - 70 2000 OEM Engine Main Bearing - Sets

OEM Nissan main bearing set (5 MAIN BEARING). Sizes available

Std Order by PART# 1617A

.25mm / .010 Order by PART# 1617B

.50mm / .020 Order by PART# 1617C

.75mm / .030 Order by PART# 1617D

1.00mm / .040 Order by PART# 1617E $145.00

OLDER TRI METAL SET FULL RACE $145.00 .25mm / .010 Order by PART# 1617BGP

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1623
Datsun Roadster 2000 Engine Upper Timing Chain

U20 Aftermarket quality made upper timing chain US made.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1624
Datsun Roadster 1600/2000 & Fairlady Engine Lower Timing Chain

R16/U20 quality U.S made lower timing chain.

Order by PART# 1624US

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1626
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Camshaft & Jackshaft OEM Bearing - Set

1500/1600/2000 OEM split seam Nissan cam/jack-shaft bearing kit. Some machinists don't like the split seam and opt for the seamless. See part#1115 for a photo of a seamless set.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1775
Datsun Roadster & Fairlady Crankshaft key

Crankshaft key.2 REQUIRED for U20 crankshaft.
$4.20 EA

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1776
Datsun Roadster Camshaft Metric / Jack-shaft Key

Camshaft or Jack-shaft keys. 2 REQUIRED for R16 camshaft & 2 REQUIRED for U20 jackshaft. Photo of 2 shown to see profile. Price is for 1.
$4.20 EA

Gasket Engine
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1868
67 1/2 - 70 U20 SU Version Full Gasket - Set

This part number contains the individual piece count, from the Nissan parts list included with their set, that Nissan chose to supply for the U20 motor in their U20 full gasket set. The items, quantities are as they supplied. No extra pieces have been added or deleted except for the following. I have created this, less expensive version, for Su cars by removing the Solex gasket parts and the Solex insulators and adjusted the price accordingly. NOTE: This set contains both Nissan and some aftermarket gaskets I offer. Take note that the Nissan set is incomplete and is missing some parts. We want to be up front and disclose some of the parts we felt they left out. We offer this set so you can have what the factory felt you needed and to stay competitive in the market in terms of pricing. To see a more complete set look at part #1325 Click here to view this set.

Gasket Engine
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 1869
67 1/2 - 70 U20 Su & Solex Full Gasket - Set

This part number contains the individual piece count, from the Nissan parts list included with their set, that Nissan chose to supply for the U20 motor in their U20 full gasket set. The items, quantities are as they supplied. No extra pieces have been added or deleted. NOTE: This set contains both Nissan and some aftermarket gaskets I offer. Take note that the Nissan set is incomplete and is missing some parts. We want to be up front and disclose some of the parts we felt they left out. We offer this set so you can have what the factory felt you needed and to stay competitive in the market in terms of pricing. To see a more complete set look at part #1325 Click here to view this set.

Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2109
Datsun Roadster U20 Valve Spring - Set OF 8

Valve spring kit. 8 inner and 8 outer springs. Click here, to view aftermarket heavier rate spring set.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2363
Datsun Oil Filter Pipe

Oil filter tube pipe. Often missing from the oil filter housing this replacement will help keep the oil filter primed so that vital engine components receive oil quickly after start up.

Cylinder Head U20
Cylinder Head G15 R16
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2464
Datsun Engine Fastener Ultra Torque Assembly Lube

Use assembly lube with all our engine fastener kits. Be sure to use the published torque ratings in our web-site at each fastener part number that references the Ultra torque specification.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2617
Datsun Roadster U20 Lower Chain Tensioner

U20 Lower chain tensioner w/spring & gasket. No this is NOT a 1600 lower tensioner body or modified 1600 shoe. This is the real deal!
Our tensioner has the correct feed hole in the main housing, chain priming hole in the housing to spray the chain prior to passing the shoe and the hole in the shoe to directly lubricate the chain.Notice that we show a picture of both the body and the housing.
Guaranteed for life or we will replace it for free!ISO TS 16949 Automotive Certification by SQA

Nuff said look here for quality and details:


Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2618
Datsun Roadster U20 Lower Chain Tensioner Shoe, Spring & Gasket IN STOCK

Made for the 2000, U20 Lower tensioner shoe with oil hole passage, spring and chain bumps in correct location for U20 motor. Simply use in your old housing. Comes with a tensioner washer shim set, gasket, others do not supply NO CHARGE FROM US, if your chain is not new and stretched out this will keep the tensioner tight at startup. If your chain is new it is not necessary to use the spacers and they are of course optional.

Cylinder Head U20
Monthly Specials
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2619
Datsun Roadster U20 Upper Tensioner

U20 upper tensioner w/ spring & gasket. I have personally run this tensioner in my 69 2000 with all new timing gears, guide rails, chains and tensioners and the pad still looks new after 3 years. Yes we actually drive this car. You've heard rumors about it, seen it referenced in other vendors sites now for 3 years. Compare at $350.00 plus. Guaranteed for life or we will replace it for free!ISO TS 16949 Automotive Certification by SQA

All of OUR aftermarket tensioners were properly "Pre-tested hydraulically see photo of tester" by our in house engineer, Tad Krzanowski, prior to sale.

Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2620
Datsun Roadster U20 Upper Tensioner Shoe, Washer & Spring NEW

U20 Upper tensioner shoe & spring set w/shim. Simply slip into your old tensioner housing. OUR tensioners have the pre-tested valving that work.

Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2621
Datsun Roadster U20 Chain Tensioner Washer Shim Pack (3)

Correct and proper reproduction washer set. Yes, when we had the upper tensioner commissioned for production again,(MUCHO BUCKS), we asked for extra washers.
Heat resistant rubber like original Nissan
Reduces chain slap at start up and keeps the chain tight. NOT a generic, off the shelf, hard plastic washer. Exact to original in size and function. You may need an extra set if your chain is really lose. You can also use this on the lower tensioner foot as well.
$5.95 SET

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2622
Datsun Roadster U20 Tensioner Set of 2

U20 2000 1 - Lower & 1 Upper tensioner w/gaskets.
Set due in early November. Upper tensioner available separately at Part# 2619

Engine 2000
New Products
Partnumber: 2648
Datsun Roadster 2000 Camshaft gear Alignment Dowel Pin Screw & Washer

Camshaft Phillips head screw & spring washer. 06/10/17
$9.95 EA.

Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2675
Datsun Roadster 2000 Upper Tensioner Shim Kit W/Gaskets Tensioner not included

Keep your upper tensioner tight and prevent the deadly death rattle that accelerates wear to your, expensive to replace, timing parts. A tensioner that sticks out to far will have to fill each time, thus moving from the relaxed position to the fully, extended hydraulic position, each time the engine starts, with the result of a rattling chain slapping against the guide rails and sprockets. Great little kit for those of you that can't afford new pieces or have worn pieces or an overly planed cylinder head resulting in the tensioner shoe sticking way out.
Directions: Start and run the engine until the oil gauge shows pressure, usually about 15 seconds to 30 seconds. The tensioner is last in line to receive oil pressure. Remove the valve cover and the front access cover. The upper tensioner should be tight against the chain and the chain should be tight on the other side of the cam sprocket. Measure the distance between the back of the shoe and the front of the cast tensioner housing and take note of the distance. Take one of the zip ties and work it through the front of tensioner and loop around the cast housing. Pull and tighten the zip tie as tight as you can make it. Put a rag underneath the tensioner area to keep the bolts from falling down into the engine. Loosen the two bolts and extract the tensioner. Hold the tensioner and cut the zip tie and remove the shoe. Add the washers included in the kit to make up the distance you measured. Put the other zip tie around the assembly and tighten. Reassemble the tensioner/spring, with the gasket supplied, into the engine and tighten down the bolts. Cut the zip tie and assemble the access plate with the new gasket.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2728
Datsun Roadster Needle Roller Pilot Bearing Nissan

Datsun Roadster needle roller pilot bearing crankshaft for high performance clutch set up.

Cylinder Head U20
Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2743
Datsun Roadster 671/2 - 70 U20 Engine Fastener ADD ON Kit

U20 Engine fastener kit - Head stud, rod bolt kit, 4 - small end bushings w/ 2 - ultra lube. When rebuilding your motor add this kit on. Protect your investment. Don't use 50 year old fasteners on your expensive rebuild! NOTE: Small end bushings are included as the installation of the new rod bolts requires re-sizing the rods.

Engine 2000
Partnumber: 2762
Datsun Roadster 2000 US Made Chain Kit

US made chain kit. 1 - Lower & 1 - Upper. These are continuous link chains. Quality made in USA!

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